Tonight's Questions

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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, kids!

Back tomorrow with more.

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"But your local pizza maker are going to be pissed, what with Greece and Italy out of the tournament already."

Heh, as if the eye-ties even touch the dough. Mexico is still in contention, so all the dudes that actually make the pizza are still pumped up.

Jesus, check out that enormous awful-looking red thing wearing the Reading Phillies shirt in that picture.

Also, check out the mascot standing next to it.

Either the Reading mascot forgot to tuck his neck flap into his uniform, or Belding gave him a Columbian Necktie before throwing out the first pitch.

Brian Doyle Murray lost some weight.

More chins than a chinese phone book.

Is it just me, or does it look like the mascot is profusely bleeding from the chin/neck area?


It's good to see things are going well for Mr. Belding these days.

@Thrill - Odd that his list of credits didn't include his turn as the alleged pederast gym teacher on Sunny.

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