Vanity Fair: Today's Afternoon Game

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  • Orioles at Giants, 3:45: Usually when there's only one PM game I don't do these, but I feel like it's good to highlight every game that Tim Lincecum starts. The end of May showed us he could actually do wrong with three consecutive starts that lasted 5.0, 4.2 and 5.2IP. This was after he hadn't gone less than 6 in any previous start. Throughout last month his walk totals were uncharacteristically high, netting 20 in 4 starts. He's back on track sorta, after two solid starts, including 8 innings of 2 run ball against the A's last week. Look for him to finally sweep the funk out for good when he faces an Oriole's team that is second to last in baseball in runs scored.

  • And hey, it was his birthday yesterday! Take it away hilariously obsessed girl with PowerPoint!

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I heard a great episode of Soundcheck with Sixpence None the Richer on NPR last week.

I just got back from an epidural and am flying on phentonyl and vicodin. Let's fucking party.

@Farthammer, an epidural? I didn't know you are pregnant. Congrats.

/thought only pregnant chicks got epidurals

Has to pitch the day after his birthday? Good thing weed doesn't give hangovers.

Herniated disk from BJJ. I got cortisone shots into my C6-C7 disk.

But yeah, I'm also pregnant with Trevor Cahill's lovechild. You should all get baby shower notices in the next week. Instead of gists, we are asking for donations to the baby's college fund.

gists = gifts

gists = gifts
I read this site to keep up w/ what the kids are saying these days

WTF is BJJ. Do I want to know?

@BCTF, BJJ = Brazilian Jui-Jitsu. Don't mess with Farthammer. At least that herniated disc wasn't from BWJ (Brazilian wax job).

I once threw my back out during a 4-hour BSH session (Brazilian Steak House). So embarrassing.

Yeah, me and my white belt will fucking WRECK fools.

I am like Kyle Farnsworth. But not nearly as scary. But probably a better pitcher.

I went to one of those all you can eat Brazilian steakhouses once. There are lots of pictures and I am sweating heavily in all of them.

Sounds hot, Chief.

It's ok because chicks dig the meat sweats

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