Triumphant Tater Trot Turns To Terrible Two Team Tussle

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Larry Granillo has spent the 2010 season undergoing the arduous task of measuring the time it takes for a home run hitter to circulate the basepaths. Some folks like rookie phenom Jason Heyward put their head down and hustle their buns around the basepaths in 19 seconds. Other folks like veteran marshmallow man David Ortiz take their pretty-ass time and end up clocking in over 30 seconds. Me? I'd trip over second base and break both ankles and then cross home plate in a wheelchair 20 minutes later.

But it took a low-A minor leaguer in the Rangers organization named Engel Beltre to do the unpossible and go over the vaunted one-minute mark in his dance around the bases, and all it took was an ill-timed basebrawl to make it happen:

Head over to Larry's House of Wezen-Ball and Tater Trot Trackers to get the full story. It's a doozy, as they say in Bakersfield.

(video courtesy of Sports With Pep)

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