Weekend Questions

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  • DO you know where my remote is? I have like three of them, and I can't find any.

Sorry for the light day today, folks, I had some real life stuff to do. I'll try to get a post or two up in the next two days to make up for it. Enjoy the weekend!

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Holy crap. Dontrelle is pitching in Detroit tonight. Sometimes the jokes just write themselves...

I always thought Jaque Jones looked like one of the TMNT

And then Edwin Jackson pitching against the Tigers tomorrow.


If you'll excuse the self-promotion: I finished the first half of 30 Clubs in 30 Songs today!

Here's everything so far.

That video still up there is bound to send shivers down Yoshi's tail...thinking about all those times Mario got wasted off of red wine and came home ready to party.

I went to the Tigers game today while I was in town visiting family. Dontrelle didn't do too bad. I guess. He settled down after a while. After throwing 80 pitches. In 4 innings. Whatevaz.

Galarraga was pretty blah. BE PERFECT EVERY EFFING START.

Those Arizona protestors sure travel well though. Right outside the front gates of Comerica Park they had signs saying "End Arizona Apartheid." But it was 80's night tonight. And there were DeLorean's aplenty. And girls in hot pants, so I was pretty happy. Unfortunately no DeLorean travelled at 88 mph today, they were all still. (BEFORE MY BIRTH 80's REFERENCE!!!!!)

No catshirt though...

An 80s party is always just an 8-ball away.

An 80's party is always just a trailer park away.

An 80s party is always just an mp3 of "Livin' on a Prayer" away.


But in all seriousness, he is just awful.

Fucking McQuade promised weekend posts and we got NOTHING AT ALL. What a gyp.

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