Weekend Questions

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That wraps up yet another eventful week at Walkoff Walk. Hope you enjoyed your ride. Please collect all personal belongings and escort children firmly by the hand. WATCH OUT FOR THAT MOVING WALKWAY!

See you Monday, same WoW channel.

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I don't want to get made fun of because I don't know this but what exactly are the protesters protesting at the g20? I tried looking it up but it wasn't clear.

I think you nailed it, BCTF. It's not clear what they're protesting because they're protesting EVERYTHING, from inaction on global poverty to Canada's super-high toque tax.

One guy threw a flaming garbage can through a Tim Horton's window because they ran out of honey crullers. It's pretty serious.

In other news. Carlos Zambrano is bad

World Cup has the vuvuzelas.
Toronto cops have the SOUND CANNON.
Dodgers have Lasorda.
Can't decide which makes the worst noise.

I want a sound cannon...

Is that like a LRAD?

Who else watches Whale Wars?

Yep, BC, same thing.
In other news, the Red Sox are coming to AT&T. I get to see Buckholtz versus Joe Martinez (!) tomorrow.
With the Giants new variable pricing, this game is the most expensive all season: $50 for a seat that was $14 for the Orioles. Like the Sawx are worth 4x the LOLs.

Glaring Omission = Al Hrabosky

The Sawx are never worth 4x the LOLs. OriLOLs forever!

Related to Ed's related to BCs "other news"...


While we're talking about the Cubs...



If the Cubs spent half the time trying to play baseball as their fans do making quality parody songs, they'd win the series every year. Fo sho.

All I can say is if I made those videos, I would've hit the vocal harmonies from the original songs.

Nothing makes me want to punch a baby more than hearing Linda Cohn say "no-no."

Good NPR story (don't listen BC) on Moyer - ding dong king

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