WE'RE JIGGLING A LITTLE BIT: The 1984 Tigers Championship Celebration

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Pandemonium in the streets of Detroit. Go figure. The Tigers had just won the title and this poor Doug Llewllyn looking shmoe is having a little trouble covering things for a local affiliate. The time honored "sceaming at people while you think the station has already cut to another shot" occurs at 00:43.

Though I'm having trouble finding any background on this story, I'm 100% positive he gets murdered by the two gentlemen that make their way into the shot at the end. Oh, the 80s. Simpler times for celebratory abduction. Please to enjoy.

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Makes me want to dust off my Members Only jacket.

My cousin, who is 21, insisted on his parents buying him a members only jacket.


While we're posting youtube videos...


Mr. John "Porkchop" Kruk

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