With Fame Comes A High Price of Burgers for Tim Lincecum

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San Francisco magazine has an excellent interview with Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum in this month's issue. Writer Steve Kettmann sat down with the Freak and chatted about his approach to pitching, his off-day activities, and, most importantly, how his new-found fame has affected his diet. Says Tim:

"You're used to walking out into public and you don't get seen. Then the next day you get seen, and you're like, 'What the heck?! This totally changes everything!' Because it's like, do I want to deal with that? I just want to be able to go to In-N-Out Burger and get my three cheeseburgers and my fries with a shake and just go in and get out. It's called In-N-Out. But I've had times where I walk in there and I can't get out. The second you do get noticed, it's like: Here we go."

Timmy might be having a tough time getting his In-N-Out fix (after all, they don't do sometimes might not have drive-thrus!) but there is no amount of clamoring fans that can stop Tim from chewing as many pieces of gum as he wants in the dugout. Bubblicious!

Go read the interview.

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"after all, they don't do drive-thrus!"

Some In-N-Outs do have drive thru's, I've been to In-N-Outs in Reno and Carson City with drive thru's.

All Timmy has to do is drive to Reno or Carson City, problem solved.

Why yes, I am fat. Why do you ask?

Lincecum also said that after being interview by beat writers with stinky onion breath, he no longer wants to eat In-N-Out.

That's a hell of a drive to get your In-N-Out fix. I mean, The ever-nebulous Upstate New York to Nevada takes what - four or five days?

The In-N-Out right next door to LAX also has a drive through. Who does the fact checking around here anyway?

Also, Lincecum is probably so high when he goes out to eat that he thinks the cashiers are legions of fans.

Cashier: May I take your order, sir?

THREE CHEEZEBUGERS, Timmy?! No wonder your mechanics are off. Why are you starving yourself?!

Dang - guys of his size usually don't eat that much. He must have the munchies for some reason.

What In-N-Outs are you going to that don't have drive-thrus? I'm from California and have been to many In-N-Outs (LA, SF, central coast, Fresno, highways) and I'm pretty certain I've never been in one without a drive-thru. In fact, I actually thought they were required (my college town - SLO - didn't allow drive-thrus in the city, and that was the only reason I could think of that there wasn't an In-N-Out there). In-N-Out's original success was built around their drive-thrus.

Maybe things have changed in the 5 yrs since I've been out there...

Okay I was wrong! I made it up! I pulled a Jason McIntyre, okay?

MADE UP? So does the A Million X A Million Little Pieces Burger not actually exist?

Ah. Ok. I get it now.

I was just confused, thinking that maybe In-N-Outs in more touristy areas (like Phoenix or something) were different than the ones I knew. But now I see it was all lies. My faith is restored.

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