Youth And Beauty: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • Giants at Reds, 12:35: Rare is the game when San Francisco isn't the team with the advantage in starting pitching. Cincy sends the other, and thus far more productive, '09 first round phenom, Mike Leake to the mound. Kid's got a 2.22 ERA in 11 starts which includes no ER in his last 13IP and just 2ER in his last 26.1IP. He aint gonna mow down 14 dudes anytime soon (single game high is 6) but has been damned effective. The Giants counter with Todd Wellemeyer and have taken two out of the 3 games in the series.

  • Padres at Mets, 1:10 DOUBLE HEADER: First game sees Latos v. Santana, second gig has Garland v. Niese. You've got your eyes on those Mets right? 2 games out. I guess you can't collapse if you're not in it in the first place. But still, 4 in a row. Good on them.

  • Tigers at White Sox, 2:05: Kenny Williams is throwing in the towel on 2010 already, so the Tigers are probably all, "Why we even gotta play this then? I wanna go see the Banksy movie or somethin'." But alas, the string must be played out despite the dramatic squeals from Chicago's South Side. Them's the rules. Max Scherzer and his righteous 6.66 ERA take the mound for Detroit. John Danks for the Sox.

  • Cubs at Brewers, 2:10: Rubber at Miller Park, and the fight to stave off irrelevancy. Dempster v. Bush.

  • Astros at Rockies, 3:10: Colorado has been in position to take all three games in this series and keep pace with those white hot Dodgers (I don't care about the Russian psychic, GO BLUE!) but has seen their bullpen blow two straight. Now they're 5.5 out. Bullpens are annoying. Oswalt v. Chacin.

  • Angels at Oakland, 3:35: LA took the first two, then got pummeled 10-1 last night. That dropped them back to second in the division. Ervin Santana has gotten the W in five straight starts surrendering but 7 runs. He's got a career 1.50 ERA in 114IP against Oakland. A's starter Tim Cahill is running for governor of Massachusetts as an independent. Whoops. Trevor Cahill.

  • Braves at Snakes, 3:40: Atlanta can't take care of business like a real first place team. 4 games against those weak old D'Backs and they've dropped 2 of the first three. Tommy Hanson goes against Dontrelle Willis. National League Starting Pitching: The middle step between the AL and Celebrity Apprentice!

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I'd like to thank last night's rain for washing out the only Pads-Mets game I was going to go to. You rock, rain.


Scherzer's intro music today should "The Number of The Beast" by Iron Maiden.

Willis' control against the league leaders in walks. I'll take ATL today

Leake gave up a tater tot to Aaron Rowand in the second inning. OOPS

Scherzer's intro music should be The Who's "Behind Blue Eye."

His intro music should be the theme to Hogan's Heroes.

Dumpster Bush? Sounds filthy hot.

@njpanick, let's hope we see a Fister/Bush match-up when the Cubs visit Seattle in a couple of weeks.

Dude, the Pussycat Dolls chick has a 6.66 ERA?

@Farthammer, no her ERA would be 4.69, hi-yooooo!

/high five

Bush plays for the Brewers who aren't going to Seattle but they are playing the Rangers in interleague so we can hope for a Harden/Bush match-up

So that would be a Dick Harden-Bush?

@BCTF, my fuck up. But the chance of Fister/Bush match-up is still alive when the Mariners visit the Brewers June 25-27. Keep hope alive!

Sorry, I didn't see that the Mariners were visiting the Milwaukee. The dream IS still alive. Make sure the thank Bud Selig for interleague play so this could happen.

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