Zoo With Roy Dude Appears On ESPN, Still On Run From Mafia

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While Mike Meech can't seem to get an actual mention by name in any media outlet, apparently some Phillies fan bloggers stay anonymous in the media by choice! Who are these people, and how do their egos allow it?

Yes, the Zoo With Roy dude was on ESPN First Take yesterday, and I watched it so I could capture his interview. All you need to know about this show is this: Michael Bivins from Bel Biv Devoe was by far my favorite analyst on yesterday's program.

My cable cut out near the end of the interview, because that is the kind of luck I have. But most of the interview is in the video above, and you can enjoy the incredible Hard Copy-esque face-in-the-shadows technique ESPN used to prevent retaliation against the ZWR dude for his snitchin'. Also, the interview's kind of funny.

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Oh, yeah, I also did this story on Brad Lidge at csnphilly.com. Don't worry, guys, Air Bud will always be my main beat.

K. This was creepy as hell. Sorry.

I can't wait until Rob is a guest on Barefoot Contessa.

Bonus laugh/weep for Oriole fans: the circus music playing at the beginning as the crawl talks about the manager switch.

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