A.J. Burnett Continues To Pale In Comparison To Original Pie Man

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With Chris Coghlan's insane pie-throwing injury in the news, it seems like everyone wants to talk to AJ Burnett about it. Check out what Wallace Matthews wrote about Burnett:

The Yankees right-hander, generally credited with reviving the practice of smashing a postgame pie -- or actually, in his case, a towel covered with whipped cream simulating a pie -- into the face of a teammate who gets a walk-off hit[.]

Yes, "generally credited"... incorrectly. Everyone should know that Tomas (Pie Man) Perez brought back the practice in the early 2000s while with the Phillies. Of course, he may have just been copying off someone else, but I only care about accuracy when it suits me.

The above video, via The Fightins (currently down), shows the history of Perez's pie tosses. The best part is a young-ish Brett Myers in a half-shirt as one of the players getting Perez back after Perez's own walkoff hit.

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Aside from Myers' muffin top, the best part of that clip is ol' JimJam getting at least 7 or 8 inches of air as he leaped from the top step to pie Perez.

Both pale in comparison to The Peculiar Purple Pie Man from Porcupine Peak.

/if you have young daughters you might know wtf I'm talking about.

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