Albert Belle: One Crazy Guy

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Today's Classic TV Friday is a violent one. Are you in anguish over your job/love life/the heatwave? Get some vicarious catharsis through Albert Belle as he beats up people all over the 90s.

The first video finds our permanently disgruntled hero straight laying out Brewers 2B Fernando Vina with a full barreled forearm shiver. The collision is definitely in the basepath, but one doubts that Belle would have hesitated to throw a clothesline or possibly a DDT had Vina been even a couple feet away. Boom.

Our second video is appropriately titled "Albert Belle vs. Royals." I like it because it contains the magically mellifluous phrase "lookin' for a piece of Pichardo," which sounds like something Anthony Bourdain would do on a tour of Mexico City. I also like it because Belle chases down a backpedaling Hippolito and literally runs him over before pounding Mike Macfarlane's head like he was trying to open a coconut.

I think we all feel better now, don't we? Thanks, Albert!

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People forget what complete dicks a lot of players on those 90's Indians teams were. Albert Belle, Kenny Lofton, Eddie Murray, Carlos Baerga, Jeff Kent and Dave Winfield (biefly); not nice guys.

Is it just me, or is it really jarring to see old JIMJAM dart in from third base?

Thank you, Albert Belle, for making Milton Bradley look sane.

What'd my man Eddie do?!

It looks like Belle knocked some of Vina's hair off -- like a perfectly symmetrical, inch-wide ring starting right above Vina's ears and going to the back of his head.

And the Royals won!

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