Anaheim's First All-Star Moment (or) You Didn't Know That Dick Allen Was Huge In Brazil?

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Anaheim stadium... cough cough... ANGEL STADIUM OF ANAHEIM is one of the oldest working parks in the big show. This is a league where retrofuturistic Camden Yards is fast becoming ancient (10th oldest!). But with all the renovations it's undergone over the years, It's funny to think I saw Jim Abbott vs. Roger Clemens in Anaheim with my Grandpa when I was 7. In the same park as tonight's All-Star game. Even that happened 23 or so years after the park opened.

The stadium hosted its first ASG in 1967 (IMPOSSIBLE DREAM), the year after it opened. One of the heroes that day was Philadelphia Phillies 3B Dick Allen. Allen, he of a career 156 OPS+ and 351 tater tots sent one deep to right center.

I don't think anyone wants to know what the woman at 00:44 is yelling.

But Allen wasn't just a prolific hitter. Dude also had soul. And that counts for a lot with the WoW staff, since none of us do. Allen had a music career as the lead singer of Rich Allen & The Ebonistics. Here's their most popular tune, "Echoes Of November"

To me, that's quite righteous. Dick's voice quivers and falters, but it quivers and falters in all the right places. Maybe you need something with a little more oh, Je ne sais caliente? Then you need a little piece of what's climbing the Brazillian Pop Charts. Because one of the hottest selling singles of the year down there is Ana Bolan's COVER OF ECHOES OF NOVEMBER. Her interpretation is way dramatic, and the video is way disorienting. I need to find a way to start shoehorning this into WoW special occasions like the shrimp.

Not only is that a sick tune, but it leads to my favorite line in Dick Allen's whole wikipedia page.

Brazilian pop star Ana Volans rerecorded Echoes of November. Her CD rendition of Echoes of November is selling briskly in Brazil. The CD's jacket contains a dedication to Dick Allen and his Hall of Fame candidacy. The influence of 200-million Brazilian music fans on the National Baseball Hall of Fame Committee on Baseball Veterans is yet unknown.

Viva La All-Star Game! Viva Anaheim! DICK ALLEN WAS BADASS!

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That's what passes for pop music in Brazil? My understanding of Brazilian music is that it makes girls get naked and shake their things. I don't see how that would do the trick.

Shake their things? The tranny industry is HUGE in Brazil.

Here is a link to a recent story on Dick Allens nomination for
the Philadelphia sports Hall-of-Fame.
Dick Allen's Philadlephia legacy is nearly as prodigious as his rising line drive homers. Mike Schmidt hit them often enough to lead the league an NL record eight times. Luzinski and Ryan Howard could hit them far but Dick Allen's shots flat out disapeared. Richy Ashburn and Robin Roberts will invoke reverance. Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton? Great players. End of story. But Dick Allen? You've got a conversation. Not even Jim Bunning skrewing the nation's unemployed puts a dent in memories and controversy over Richard Anthony Allen. Perhaps it says something about all Philadelphians. Did we cheer or boo? Were we truly rascist? Not when it came to music anyway. Dick Allen singing Echoes of November on Jerry Blavit and Hy Litt's tv shows evokes only the fondest memories. Even today, Philadelphia doo wop shows play his record. Now his song is a hit in Brazil! Brazilian singers don't need to moan into the mic or belt out obscene lyrics to convey sexuality. Ana Volans's voice is suductive and sensual in the finest tradition of Astrud and Babel Gilberto. It may not get Dick Allen in the HOF but this sure is getting fun.

Hello everyone. I'm Ana Volans. If some Brazilian singers, or the Carnival go abroad an idea that here is Country of nude women, is a great pity! Not all flowers are equal! You can not judge a nation or a person for the bad examples of others.
I attended a special request from a great friend to rerecord the music's Echo Of November, which is a beautiful song beautiful and ancient. And, I know a little bit of baseball and Dick Allen, despite Brazil being the country's football. It is interesting to know different cultures. Each has its history, and goes through life and history of a country by its large and small made if sometimes a character in the story was controversial or not, this is part of a growth of every human being. Wow that's good that we are human, make mistakes and successes, that good thing you know, this is LIFE! and always intensely Living with Faith in God is Good!
Pardon me if I do not write well in English. Dick Allen, a character is very intriguing and interesting as well as Baseball.

Hello, I liked the field
All about Dick Allen is interesting, I'll be happy to get Dick to HOF, but if not enter, all worth it!
Thank Galihad, by saying that my voice is seductive and sensual, I tried to just be faithful to the original recording of Dick and The Ebonistics clear that a woman's voice echo's of november, it was different, looked around for a little luster since the musical instruments today day has more resources than those of yesteryear. Anyway, all worth it ....
Man by nature is intriguing! It's Lyfe, lyfe, lyfe...

kkk....oops!! It's Life, Life, Life

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