Angry Old Hall of Famer Now Hates Stephen Strasburg

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wow.jimbunning.jpg Relatively new, highly annoying politics website Politico makes its writers wake up at, like, 3 a.m. in order to "win the morning" and get all the links from Matt Drudge or whatever. (No news organization cares about interesting or factual or useful stories anymore. It's all about pageviews.)

Anyway, here's one of their important political stories today: Jim Bunning thinks Stephen Strasburg is a wimp!

Why? Well, Strasburg missed his recent start and is, indeed, going to get a little break, and by God Jim Bunning never missed any starts, in fact sometimes he'd start all three games of a tripleheader and throw 750 pitches then come back in relief the next day. (That's why he gave up over 500 homers in his career.)

"Five-hundred twenty starts, I never refused the ball," Bunning, a Kentucky senator who hurled a perfect game in 1964 and struck out 2,855 batters in his Major League career, told POLITICO. "What a joke!"

Bunning had taken an interest in Strasburg, who like the Kentucky senator is a fire-ball hurling right-hander. The senator has seen the Nationals ace four times and was at the ballpark Tuesday night, he said.

But he clearly didn't like what he saw - or rather didn't see - when the youngster didn't take the mound. "My arm!" Bunning sarcastically cried as he pretended to clutch his shoulder in the Capitol's Statuary Hall.

One missed start out of five games he's attended and suddenly he goes from the "top one percentile" to the 50th percentile. For missing a start! Geeze, it's not like Strasburg used the senators' only elevator. Now somebody find me an example of Bunning being scratched from a start, and be happy he isn't your favorite team's pitching coach.

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The Politico of baseball blogs pointed out that Bunning didn't make his fifth start until age 25, a full 3 years of bus ridin' and ligiment stretchin' more than Strasjesus.

Not to take anything away from Bunning, who deserves to be in the HOF (though not in the Senate - the man is batshit crazy), but he pitched 51.0 innings in his rookie year and sported a 6.35 ERA (or 1.2 wins BELOW replacement, if you prefer, which I can guarantee Jim Bunning does not). In Strasburg's rookie year, he's already pitched 54.1 innings with a 2.32 ERA (and 1.8 wins above replcement).

On the other hand ... 437 starts in 11 seasons. Different era, but that is taking the ball.

Sorry, 399 starts. 437 games, 138 CGs.

Also, isn't Jim Bunning being used like a rented mule what cost the Phillies the pennant in 1964?

I can't wait to find out all the things that don't live up to my old-man standards when I start wearing diapers and can't get a boner anymore. I think I'm going to start with: "Why can't you get a good avocado anymore?" And move on to: "Why does every movie out this weekend have Jaden Smith's kid in it?"

This laosaaaa bro is persistent.

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