Anonymous Doofus' Antics Make Me Sympathize With Gary Carter

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Some memorabilia pig (I'd tell you his name but his YouTube handle is simply "SHAMEONGARYCARTER") brought his young son to the MLB All Star FanFest this weekend and tried to get some 8 x 10 glossies autographed by Gary Carter. Unfortunately, that practice is strictly verboten: Gary was only signing baseball cards. This anonymous goon raises a stink and eventually gets tossed from the event for being a total horse's ass. Imagine that, using your kid, who probably has no idea who Gary Carter even is, as a pawn to get some merch signed so you can flip it on eBay. Pathetic.

Even worse: this guy's dumb YouTube video made me sympathize with Gary freakin Carter.

(via Vin Scully is My Homeboy)

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If you think this guy is a total a-hole, watch him serve up some douche juice. I feel bad for the kid for having a memorabilia pig of a dad.

Thanks for the head's up. I won't watch this because I refuse to feel anything sympatico with Gary Carter.

What is so bad about Gary Carter? Inform me, I am blissfully unaware.

He once called out a Hispanic teammate for not hustling.

This made me so angry that I ALMOST commented on the youtube page, but then I did something more productive with my time, like counting the pile of the carpet in my office.

More appalling than this guy's act and reasoning? The sunglasses on Carter's head. C'mon, Kid, you're inside! Put 'em in the bag!

Gary signed it: "Nothing could be finer than eating in your diner."

Anyone read the youtube description? "...goes on and on about his mediocre career..."

I'm not saying he was or wasn't mediocre, but if this dude felt that way, then why would he have 2 10-year olds wait in line 2 hours to get the autograph of a mediocre player who retired 18 years ago?

When I was in the fourth grade, I would NEVER have waited in line for Roy Sievers autograph.

I once waited in line for Duane Kuiper's autograph, but I was kind of a dumb kid.

Did something happen to Rob today? Is he dead? I went to to see if there were any news stories of a late 20's male dying after choking on a cannoli. There were a lot but none of them were Rob.

I'm 32 and I'm alive.

Sorry Rob about the age, I must have been thinking about Kris.

Kris is 28 but his heart is 55 and his liver is 92.

So how old is Kris' pancreas?

Hello? Anyone home?

If Tuesday's live podcast was any indication, I think everyone left to join the as-yet-unnamed Awl-spinoff music blog.

They are all trying to out Indi each other in their music tastes. They are racing to name as many obscure bands as possible.

Yeah, they keep harping on this one Indie chick, Gaga something or other. They're so underground.

(Low hanging fruit is the tastiest)

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