Bronson Arroyo is the Reason YouTube Added a Vuvuzela Button

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Here's some belated America-lovin' for the Independence holiday spectacular that has passed us by and left us hot and parched in a puddle of sweat, courtesy of Reds pitcher Bronson "I'm Not Brandon" Arroyo. Seriously, if you're not already standing up and saluting the miniature American flag in your pencil holder, you will be halfway through this video. That is, unless you've already went to the video page and clicked the little soccer ball button under the video. Ahh, much better.

(courtesy of the Votto Voters at OMG Reds)

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If you listen to it, at about 1:25 he says "Schweeeeeeeeeeeeet."

Two things:

1. This is hilarious with the vuvuzelas.

2. If I were a complete asshole, I'd sync up sounds of a creaky old rocking chair to his swaying back and forth.

Nasty hooks!

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