Cheer Up Cleveland, It's Tom & Tony's Cavalcade Of Sports - 1990

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Frankly, I could care less about you Cleveland people. But for you diehard, lifelong residents and sports fans, this may actually brighten your hyperbolically lousy day. I've stumbled onto the motherload of clips from what appears to be some sort of DIY regional sports/comedy show that appeared on Sportsnetwork in Ohio. Tom Lyons & Tony Hall had a press pass and silly questions for players. They also spent a lot of time in the seats talking to the common man. That's how you get this first video which features BOTH Brook Jacoby and some casual racism from a Foot Locker employee at 1:05.

It's like a cross between This Week And Baseball and MST3K and it's pretty great. There are a ton of these and I'll post more after the jump for you to peruse and learn about Cory Snyder's favorite foods. ENJOY.

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Why is every schlub in Cleveland topless? Gross, Cleveland. Gross.

The dude in the first video that runs down the All-Stars looks like Bizarro Liakos. All he needs is a homemade Garfield t-shirt.

Not enough GTL for ya there, Rob?

I wanna wake up naked, next to you, kissing the curve of your, cavalcade

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