Dmitri Young Has Pseudo Prescription For That Bag Of Grass

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Did you know Dmitri "Da Meat Hook" Young was a career .292 hitter? Probably not. Did you know dude liked to dabble quite a bit in drink and smoke? Probably did. His relatively peaceful post MLB life as an Frontier League bench coach in Michigan hit a bump in the road on Monday when dude got pinched with some weed at a rural airport. Bummer.

Young was released on $100 bail, which tells me this was a pretty minor offense. Heck, here in Massachusetts he probably wouldn't have been arrested at all. Decriminalized! But his current employers seem to think the ordeal may be even more innocent than just trying to tuck a few j's into his hair and get on a puddle jumper. They're insinuating that Dmitri may have had the weed for... his diabetes? Here's his boss, Oakland County Cruisers CEO Rob Hillard.

"With 13 seasons of Major League Baseball and six more years in the minors, Dmitri Young has had more than his share of bumps and bruises -- to his knees and back -- as well as his well-documented fight with late-life (Type II) diabetes," Hilliard said. "While we believe Dmitri could have exercised better judgment in this situation, we have been speaking with his physician and are beginning to have a clearer understanding of the circumstances surrounding his health.

"What we are certain about is Dmitri's positive impact on our players, their approach to the game and their commitment to competing."

Cool boss! The only research on treating diabetes with marijuana I found was from from the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis on their website I think they're biased. BUT I'LL STILL BELIEVE EM.

Mostly, it's neat to see this organization standing up for Young, a guy who has made more comebacks than the mustache. There's a certain amount of leeway in baseball for a guy to make mistakes. Look at Ron Washington and every member of the Mets in the 80s. Sometimes that lets lousy guys get away with murder, but in Young's case it looks like it'll just let this minor offense slide, no many how many hand wringing columns get typed up about it in the Freep. Good on that. Go Cruisers!

No word yet on how any of this affects his awesome looking kid.

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He is totally stealing his brother's thunder. Drive in Delmon!!!

ay gimme them grits or imma take them grits from ya

Keep Dmitri away from Pizza Baby, for the love of all that's good and holy!

poor, poor Pizza Baby... *sniff*

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