Get Ready for Rinku and Dinesh the Movie, With Sly Stallone

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Pittsburgh Pirates pitching prospects (and former reality TV stars from India) Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel are going Hollywood. Sony Pictures signed a deal with the pair and (JB Sir, I'm sure) to make a feature length movie about their rise from cricket-playing and truck-driving in their native India to the star-studded fields of Single-A baseball in the armpit of Florida. It'll be the feel-gupta movie of next summer, says Roger Ebert.

The boys, last seen rubbing elbows with President Obama, are already excited to cast their own roles. As per Bob Nightengale of the USA Today:

"I hope some good American actor plays me," Singh says. "You know, somebody like 'Rambo.' That's the guy (Sylvester Stallone) I want."

Says Patel: "I need a short guy. A guy like Tom Cruise. That would be perfect."

Well that's settled, nice and tidy. Hit the bricks, Kal Penn, you're not needed here. Of course, the only question that remains is: in the scene where Rinku and Dinesh visit the lavish Southern California home of a disgraced baseball superstar, who will play Barry Bonds?

In other Rinku & Dinesh news, the boys are actually coming along nicely in their second season with the Gulf Coast League Pirates. Rinku has pitched five innings and struck out five batters, while Dinesh has whiffed three hitters in only 1.2 IP. They are striking with frequency!

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Sweet! Now Aziz Ansari will have a second movie to celebrate. (1:20 mark)

Suggested titles:
The Gagnes of the Ganges
For Love of the Gujarat
That Fastball Can Singh!

In a cameo on par with Charlton Heston in that retched Tim Burton Planet of the Apes remake, Optimus Prime is going to play the truck.

I think Rinku is Clooney

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