I Hope That George Steinbrenner Is Going to Be Okay. (UPDATE: He's Not)

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Because premature reports of his death sadden me. Although it's true he's suffered a massive heart attack and is in a Tampa hospital, so we'll keep this page updated if any other news comes out.

UPDATE: he's gone. RIP, Big Steinz. You were a hero to some, an enemy to most, and a crazy sonofabitch to all.

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The Boss, RIP.

Heart attack? Must have been from too many calzones.

It's just empty calories and male curiosity in heaven.

I heard Zombie Stein was calling into the podcast tonight.

Steinbrenner's group bought the Yankees for $8.8M in 1973. In related news, I'm sitting on 10 of these "Forever" stamps that I plan to use when the rate goes up in a couple years.

That's some sound investing Nick.

BREAKING NEWS: Bruce Springsteen has also passed away. Or at least that's what I am gathering from some headlines.

I get all of my news from Jim Thome's twitter feed and he definitely said Springsteen is dead.

Barbaro sure looks different.

Is there a Children of Dead Baseball Owners Relief Fund I can donate to?

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