Jayson Werth Terrorizes Child, Hurts Trade Value

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Last night, Jayson Werth collided with a fan while reaching into the stands for a foul ball. He responded in the only logical way: By cursing out the dude, and by proxy his kid and the entire section. Look how horrified everyone is! This is instantly in my top 10 favorite Phillies plays of all time.

Because it was a dad and his son and not a 23-year-old drunk idiot Werth cursed out, people care about this too much, especially before noon. Because it (kinda) involves a kid, people care about this way too much. Look, I found someone calling for a public apology. I'm thinking it will be two days until we get our first over-the-top critique of Werth's f-bomb from a newspaper columnist. I know things have the potential to get annoying, but let's be happy this wasn't Milton Bradley. He yells at a crowd like this, there would be Congressional hearings.

Still, we could have avoided all this annoyance if Werth had just acted a little more like Ichiro, who shrugged off hitting a girl and kind of apologized even. Then the extremely excited girl got a boatload of merchandise! It's not really news that a 36-year-old Japanese man is more polite than a 31-year-old American bro, though.

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Nobody realizes that Ichiro was merely bartering the merch in exchange for her used undies.



Vladimir Shpunt knew this would happen, Jayson.

God bless YES and their excellent second camera angle of the Ichiro incident. We can see the front row fangirl is holding A HAIR BRUSH when Ichiro waltzes into her life.

The Ichiro video make we want to punch Farthammer in the face, it is so awesome. HOW DO YOU NOT LOVE HIM???

At least Werth hustled to get that ball

DMac grabbed this screencap last night, and I think it's as close to Norman Rockwell as we'll ever get. I want to print this out and make a jigsaw puzzle out of it.

I would buy that puzzle in a heartbeat.

Lost in all this, of course, is that Werth had NO FUCKING CHANCE at catching that ball.

Disagree. Watch the replays. It would have been right in his glove. Pause the clip at the moment the dude catches the ball, and you'll see Werth's glove right behind his hands.

C'mon, I have a screenshot ready for debating whether he would have caught it or not: http://twitpic.com/23notk

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