Lament for a Rivalry Scorned

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Sad Tiger.jpgLike nearly everything Bud Selig touches, interleague and re-alignment has both proponents and shortcomings. While upping the number of Red Sox-Yankees pitch count orgies to pummel our senses on a national scale (this is a good thing, I assure you), the unbalanced schedule sports a body count stacked up a mile high.

This past weekend, AL Central division contenders the Detroit Tigers and near basement dwellers the Toronto Blue Jays (both of whom have 50 victories this year, btw) battled in an enjoyable series that, sadly, featured the deaths of 3 separate Tigers and injuries to at least a dozen more. As per the whims of Herr Selig, this is the only time the Blue Jays travel down the 401 to play their formerly hated rivals from The D.

It really is a shame that two such regional opponents are reduced to a single home series apiece. They even have their very own "house divided" backstories!

...(due to the relative proximity) Families planned vacations around Tigers-Jays contests.

A rivalry that extended across two borders often divided households in Windsor, where mom and dad might root for the Tigers, and the kids for the Blue Jays.

Personally speaking, I love watching my team (the Jays) playing a historical rival wearing their classic unis in their awesome ballpark.

The border battle isn't the only collateral damage from the battle for Joe Buck's heart. The Phillies and Pirates face off but once a year, an intrastate battle whose ticket boon is surely missed all around Pirates HQ. And what of the poor Milwaukee Brewers, forsaking their former AL East foes to toil in relative obscurity, strangers in their own land on occasion.

What other regional cat fights were torn asunder and left for dead in the great reckoning of 1994? Why can't Bud Selig arrange the divisions to keep the age-old Braves/Giants divisional blood feud alive?

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I had this exact conversation with Kid Canada after the Cubs/Phillies game in Chicago last Saturday. We lamented the loss of the Tigers/Jays rivalry and cursed the name of Bud Selig.

This proves that all Canadians talk to each other.

Isn't that guy a Sens fan? Even I have standards.

What do you mean the Tigers have an awesome ballpark? As long as Tiger Stadium is a pile of rubble, the Tigers have a horrible, atrocious, vomit-inducing joke-of-a-ballpark. When the Tigers moved out of Tiger Stadium, that was 10 times worse than steroids.

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