Leave the Popcorn, Take the Baseball.

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Courtesy of our pals at The 700 Level, here's a video from the old Veterans Stadium in Philly of a young lad who is desperate to retrieve himself a baseball. Watch as the ball bounds down the third base foul line, caroms off the wall, and then gets chased by the kid as he explodes from the stands. It's really something:

Based on the greasy hairstyle on that ballgirl, I'd guesstimate this video dates from circa 1993. But I could be wrong; South Jersey girls wore that hair for way longer than it was in style.

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Here you go: May 11, 1993 (the WP is in the bottom of the 6th). Nice job with the guess.

And nice job with the research!

Having graduated from college in 1993 and having gone to school with (and banged, high 5) more Jersey girls than I care to remember a small part of me misses that south NJ hairstyle.

Well, Paul Wagner (named in the video - would've had a hard time figuring that out myself) only threw one wild pitch ever against the Phillies, so it wasn't all that hard (thanks to Baseball Reference, of course). Took 30 seconds.

That was Ricky Jordan at the plate and Pete Incaviglia scoring from third. Incaviglia was a good looking man.

Ahh, but was that John Kruk or Pete Incaviglia scoring? Incaviglia or Kruk, Kruk or Incaviglia? THE MIND ASPLODES

Pete Incaviglia and the ball girl had the same hair style. 1993 was a terrible time to be alive.

I appreciate that the ballgirl has a hair scrunchy around her glove-hand wrist.

That kid coulda used an Aqua Net, amirite?


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