Lou Piniella Finally Throws Hands in Air, Gives Up

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Cubs manager Lou Piniella, whose teams have not won a pennant in twenty years, is finally giving up the dream of going back to the World Series and will retire at the end of the year. Somehow after surviving ten (10!) years in Seattle and five years in St. Petersburg without losing his will to live, Lou took a job with the Chicago Cubs prior to the 2007 season. Two division titles, two playoff disappointments, and one gigantic Chicago-media-induced headache later, Piniella has finally decided to hang up his manager pants and (presumably) return to the broadcast booth where Steve Lyons can accuse him of stealing his wallet again.

R.I.P. Lou Piniella's managerial career. You brought hope to so many teams only to leave them wishing they'd hired Jim Riggleman at a steep discount.

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"Lou Piniella Finally Throws Hands in Air"

Did he wave them like he just don't care?

This is completely unrelated but, I was looking at the probable pitchers and I noticed that both Fister and Bush were pitching tonight. Why couldn’t this have happened last month when the Brewers and Mariners were playing each other in interleague? Why baseball gods? Why!?!?!?!?!?

@BCTF, no one ever said life was fair.

RIP Dugout Lou Piniella, whose antics are second only to Professor Farnsworth.

I miss rampantly swearing Dugout.

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