Matt Garza Throws Yet Another No Hitter in Majors This Year

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Yes, Matt Garza threw the fifth no-hitter in the majors this year last night, and the first in Rays history. Search "matt garza no hitter" on YouTube and there are scores of videos of people filming their television set with their iPhone or Flip or whatever. Fortunately, there's also the above video, which is of better quality. Watch it before MLB Advanced Media takes it down! (When they do, here's the link to

Judging from baseball's recent history, all of this is a sham; the pitchers are all on some sort of super pitching drug that baseball isn't testing for yet. But for now, it's been a pretty fun season even with the lower home run totals.

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This no-hitter was a production of the Children's Television Workshop.

You should see the video of me watching the game and reacting to it!

Kidding. It's just stock footage of me weeping.

Let us all take a moment and point at laugh at the Mets, who still have yet to ever throw a no-no. I guess some of those taunts should be directed at the Padres, too, but it's more fun to mock the Mets.

@njpanick, agreed. And to add insult to injury the Mets have been no hit 6 times in 48 seasons.

I'd pile on there, but the Phillies lead the majors, getting no-hit 18 times in their 127-year history.

With Garza and Liriano (7IP 3H 0ER) on my WoWFBB team I assumed I would be dominating Nick in this week’s match up. Unfortunately I am not because he has Mauer on his team (5 for 5 1HR 7RBI)

I think the more apt "adding insult to injury" would be the Mets having a young Nolan Ryan, and trading him away.

@BCTF - Want to know how bad Zack Greinke was last night? In my non-WoW league, I had three pitchers go. Garza and Carlos Marmol went a combined 10 IP w/ 0 ER. My team's ERA? Almost 6.

Greinke's ERA for the night was 18. THAT is truly "sad trombone" worthy... if mainly because I'm not enough of an asshole to tag it with the price is right loser sound.

I'm guessing that someone messed with that special Delaware River mud to give the pitchers a little extra grip. I would absolutely drive over to Jersey and do a little industrial sabotage if it helped Halladay break even more faces.

I am sure it has something to do with global warming. Now Al Gore just needs to find a way to exploit it so he can make even more money off of it.

YEAH! Global warming is such a crock. Now, can someone please aim that oscillating fan at my profusely sweating taint.

You'll have to speak up, I can barely hear you over the hum of the diesel-engined air conditioner that I keep with me at all times.

My AC has a bad freon leak. I figure it's no big deal because that stuff is plentiful so I just keep adding it. Why bother fixing the leak when freon is so cheap?

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