MLB Taking Cues From Garfield; 2011 Season To Start On Friday

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garfield.mondays.jpg April Fools! Major League Baseball announced yesterday the 2011 season will start on Friday, April 1. Get ready for a barrage of newspaper columns decrying the change in tradition. According to Elias, this is the first time a majority of teams start the season on a Friday since 1905.

The season's earlier start is so the playoffs end a little earlier. The season will end on a Wednesday (instead of the traditional Sunday). Ending on Sept. 28, the playoffs will start the 30th or Oct. 1; the World Series will begin Wednesday, Oct. 19. No baseball in November!

There are a bunch of quotes in this USA Today story about the change, most of them boring PR speak. But check out this insanely weird defensive quote from the head of Fox Sports!

Said Ed Goren, president of Fox Sports, which broadcasts the World Series: "I think the commissioner is sensitive to getting the postseason over in October. But I've been in cities where the weather is awful in mid-October, and beautiful the first of November. So if we're playing Game 7 of the World Series on Oct. 28, and it's snowed out, don't blame baseball."

Strange, right? "Sure, here's a quote for your article about the change: It's not going to mean anything! And one day players will be eaten by arctic wolves during a World Series game!" I am going to blame Ed Goren for everything bad that happens in the baseball playoffs this year (but mainly for McCarver and Buck, which he is actually to blame for).

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Opening day on Friday = good way to start the weekend.

I saw the Garfield jpeg and figured Kris wrote it until I looked at the author credit. And even then... still a little skeptical.

Anyway: Opening day on a Friday? Like it already.

Guess what has two thumbs and will be taking April 1st off?

Most baseball fans with jobs. My unemployed ass will likely just watch baseball all day.

So does this mean the Yankees and the Red Sox will play on Thursday on ESPN?

Yeah, to make it clear: I like this idea, too.

I'll admit that I will miss the fact that Opening Day always coincided with the NCAA Championship game. Baseball all afternoon and the March Madness finale at night? Good times.

But otherwise, this is a great call.

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