Not Everything at Citizens Bank Park is Bolted Down

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Remember that crazy game last month at Citizens Bank Park when a freak storm rolled through town and caused a hellish rain delay that wasn't exactly a hurricane or tornado? Well there's at least one more great video from that day (yes, this was shot during an afternoon game) and it shows some wacky stuff flying around the concourses at CBP.

Imagine if this weather event had happened during last year's HEIST? You'd have seen hundreds of empty plastic beer bottles spilling out from the 200 level and the rain would have soaked the GARFIELD right off Kris' cat-shirt.

(via our man Meech.One)

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That's one way to wash the filth off of that place.

Speaking of filth I went to CitiField for the first time last night. Back story: My cousin is the resident director for the local YMCA. The Mets donated a bunch of free tickets so the residents could go to game. Mind you that most residents at the Y are recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. Needless to say they blended in nicely with your common Met fan.

Anyway, I saw the Mets for free last night. I might be stupid, but not stupid enough to ever pay for a Mets ticket.

Here's the same storm, same concession wackiness, from the other side of Ashburn Alley. If you watch them both at the same time, it's like experiencing Avatar all over again.

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