Rabble Rabble Someone Good Didn't Make the All Star Team

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He's leading the NL in homers, is just one percentage point away from slugging .600, and has overcome melancholy and infinite sadness with honor and frankness, but Joey Votto is not a National League All Star...yet, at least. Votto was not chosen to participate in the All Star Game by either the fans, the players, NL skipper Charlie Manuel, or Bud Selig, whose powers as commissioner include both sekritly altering All Star rosters and turning ballparks into sand.

Sure, Votto has been among the top five first basemen in the Senior Circuit since the birth of Walkoff Walk, but that alone is not enough to guarantee the guy a spot on the All Star roster. See, the mere fact that Votto plays a crowded position is reason enough that the kid is going to have to either learn to accept disappointment or change positions. Heck, Votto is a righty in the field; how hard could it be to move across the field and play third base?

Ryan Howard. Albert Pujols. Adrian Gonzalez. None of them can match Votto's production in 2010 but this conglomerated gathering of ballplayers should never be about which player has been successful for three months. And even if Votto has been more valuable than Howard for three years running, he plays in Cincinnati and not a city that has been to two straight World Series. Harsh, but true. Ryan Howard is an All Star. Joey Votto is a homely Canadian.

Still, he's a homey Canadian currently leading the second-chance voting contest at MLB.com, so there's that. And with the voting power of both Mountie Nation and Red Sox Nation behind him, he's a lock.

Still, there are other players having a nice little season who might deserve to be an All Star and then there's Omar Infante. Who really got screwed the most by not making the team?

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I demand more people share my feigned outrage over Brennan Boesch not even making the final vote in spite of a line of .344/.398/.603 with 12 HR and 46 RBI.


Blame Selig, he told the managers they had to take a 'utility' guy and Manuel picked Infante

I'd say Prince Fielder, but Votto has better numbers, so I think I can live with that.

Jerkwheat, nay, your outrage should not be feigned. CUZ IT'S LEGIT BRO! BreBo has better numbers than Heyward who managed to get himself voted in. Even though he's being replaced.

@Ed: Cheeseburger Fielder hasn't done a whole lot besides hit home runs. For example, the game I went to the other day, a local restaurant would give you 6 burgers for $5 the next day if the Brewers scored 5 runs. Prince fielder hit 2 home runs. The second one after they already scored 5 runs. I know the man loves his food, but his dedication to getting so much for so little is really astounding.

@Rob: I demand that all future pictures of Prince Fielder be photoshopped to where Mayor McCheese is his head.

Only if it's soy cheese.

Fair enough

I'd say Mat Latos from SD got robbed, but he spells his first name with one "t" so screw him.

Heyward is probably going to play in the game.

Jaime Garcia, ya'll.

Latos got hosed, so I voted for Heath Bell for the leftover spot.
Maybe I'll even join his Facebook support page.
Frown about that, Joey!

Only 3 Phillies on the roster this year? And one is hurt? Well I guess I know what I WON'T be doing on July 13. Playing mahjong.

Good call on Mat Latos. I still voted for Votto, though...

Rod definitely voted for Swisher.

Fun Fact: Latos is the only ML starter holding all opposing hitters under .200.

Oh, and Jered Weaver got porn-star-level screwed.

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