That Was Some All Star Game and Glogcast, Hm?

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Last night, the National League finally got their filthy paws on the coveted homefield advantage with a win over the American League. For the first time since Bud Selig instituted the "THIS ONE COUNTS" policy, the Senior Circuit won the All Star Game behind some tidy pitching and some poor American League baserunning. If it weren't for Hong-Chih Kuo (who I mistakenly called Hong Kong Kuo last night, sorry dude) throwing away a baseball, the NL pitchers probably would have shutout the AL. Their final pitching line: 9 IP, 6 H, 3 BB, 8K, and 0 ER. Solid.

As for the baserunning mistakes, blame pinch-runner Elvis Andrus for running past second base and getting tagged out in the sixth inning on an attempted steal; blame David Ortiz for being too bottom-heavy to reach second in the ninth inning on a outfield pop fly that landed for a hit. And yes, I am still waiting for Joe Girardi to send one of the most clutch hitters in baseball to the plate to pinch hit. Alex Rodriguez was the only AL position player to not make it into the game despite having a chance to bat as the tying run. Whazzat?

But more important: Kris and I talked to a bunch of people on the telephone for three solid hours with only seven uncomfortable silences and four breaks to play the Furious Five theme song.

We'd like to thank the following fine, talented folks for phoning in and making with the ha-has:

And of course our boys Drew, Dan Mcquade, and 310toJoba. Capital work! And you can listen to it all if you missed it last night. Because as much as this was supposed to be alternative color commentary about the All Star Game action, it turned out to be a bunch of funny folks talking about baseball, music, jazz hands, food, and explosive diarrhea. Please to enjoy:

(note: listen to the second episode from the top first, then the top one)

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I just can't believe that a wacked-out "Dan from Philly" called in and it wasn't DMac (yet, at least).

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