The Milwaukee Brewers Don't Have A Friend In The World

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That Ken Macha is one protective mama bear. Following a weekend where his batters padded their league leading HBP numbers and Prince Fielder's head got tossed at, the skipper complained to huge umpire Bruce Froemming that his guys are just getting plunked too much. While often mistaken for dugout wallpaper or a particularly silent breed of grandpa, Macha sounded more like a seething Charles Bronson when pressed on the issue.

"I cannot read intentions. I don't know," Macha said. "But you just put the evidence out there. That's not my decision to make. We've got two guys that have been hit an inordinate amount of times [Rickie Weeks and Fielder]. That's a basic fact.

"I try to treat the game with respect. If appropriate action is taken ... then so be it. If appropriate action is not taken, then I'm probably handling the situation as a manager," Macha said.

Fielder, who was hit twice in all this weekend, has had a target on him ever since his elaborate home run celebrations last season. After breaking the hopelessly outdated "baseball code" Fielder inspired even jovial players like Torii Hunter to say, "It's all TV, acting, until someone gets hit with a pitch in the chin." Ouch. Fielder was restrained after being hit by Braves pitcher Jonny Venters on Saturday, and Venters was promptly tossed. The rotund slugger says he's tired of "always being the one filmed." I have no idea what that means.

After the tumultous Saturday (which, aside from Venters getting the boot, also saw Bobby Cox extend his ejection record to 156!!), two Braves players were hit on Sunday, yet no Brewers were tossed. You don't see the Milwaukee manager complaining to Bob Watson about that one.

There's an obvious amount of gamesmanship in all of this for Macha. His team is 10 games out in the division and an obvious quick PR fix for that would be to fire the oft mute manager with the .480 winning percentage. No matter what Bob Melvin says. And even if he does stay on through this season there's a chance he could lose Fielder in a trade. The choice for the manager seems pretty simple. Go out silently or go out sticking up for your most visible player and playing against type. Even if it makes you sound a little whiny.

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After looking up the stats, Macha has a whiny-ass point - the Brewers are tied with the White Sox for the MLB lead in plunks with 47 each.

Maybe if his first baseman wasn't as big as a Hummer - and as douchey as the people who drive them in the city - he wouldn't get plunked all the time.

(Note: Does not explain Rickie Weeks.)

Randall Simon actually thought Rickie Weeks was inside that racing sausage costume back in '03. Rickie Weeks just makes you want to hit him.

Can I blame Bud Selig for this? Please?

Here I was, meandering through the Monday morass. And then...sad girl saves the day. It's already a good week.

Is it wrong if I say sad girl is gonna be hot when she nears 20?

No I don't think so. It may have been wrong if you would have said "sad girl is gonna be hot when she nears 13"

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