Elegiac Feelings American: Today's Afternoon Games

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Here's some afternoon baseball to enjoy while you listen to the new Schooly D track:

  • Pirates at Astros, 2:05PM EDT: Can you believe the Pirates have gone a measly 0-5 this season against the equally awful Astros? Yet they have a 7-2 record against the Cubs. Quite the dichotomy! The Bucs will attempt to avoid 0-6 but they'll face Roy Oswalt, so let's not get our hopes up. But DO get your hopes up for the PNC #HEIST, happening in just four weeks and two days!

  • Angels at White Sox, 2:05PM EDT: Holy crap, did you see the clip of White Sox starter Jake Peavy having his freakin' shoulder muscle separate from the rest of his body mid-pitch? He's probably done for the year which means that Ozzie Guillen is going to need to come up with a substitute starter for the first time all season. Sorry, Oz, but Orlando Hernandez is taken.

  • Giants at Brewers, 2:10PM EDT: San Fran looks for the unprecedented four-game walloping of the Brew Crew in Milwaukee behind the groovy stylings of Barry Zito. Before this series, the Giants offense was about as productive as a neutered yak on Valium, but thanks to Buster Posey's 4-for-4 night with two taters and six ribs, they're showing signs of life. WoW favorite Manny Parra attempts to stave off hypothermia for the ice cold Brewers.

  • Cardinals at Rockies, 3:10PM EDT: How badly can the Cardinals bullpen screw this game up? After two straight nights of miasmic attempts at closing out a win, they probably won't have a chance to preserve a lead today anyway. Ubaldo Jimenez toes the rubber for the Rox. But hey, just in case the Cards ever have a future lead to preserve, they went ahead and signed bullpen savior Mike MacDougal.

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Sabean should get credit for Posey's performance. But he should also get shit for holding him in the minors for so long.

To sum up, Sabean is a moron.

Posey must have been hitting against some shitty AAA pitchers yesterday

MacDougal signed a minor league contract. He's in triple A, just like Eric Bruntlett.


Would have been a perfect game through six but for an error by OMAR VIZQUEL of all people.

Danks a lot OMAR

Nevermind, that horse's ass just gave up a hit.

Iracane jinx!

Glad the Giants are hitting. Although the Brewers are giving up E's like it's a Saturday night rave.

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