Tommy Lasorda Croons National Anthem Like Dog in Heat

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Good morning, WoWies. Please rise and salute the flag during this rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner". Try not to titter:

That caterwauling you hear in the video is former Dodgers manager and current Dodgers saggy mascot Tommy Lasorda, special guest at Tommy Lasorda Bobblehead Night hosted by his former team, the Albuquerque Isotopes. Of course back in the 1970s, when Tom was the manager of the Dodgers Triple-A affiliate, they were called the Albuquerque Dukes. Also back then, the only Italian food our Fat Friend could find in New Mexico was Chef Boyardee in a can. Seriously: Tommy Lasorda kept Chef Boyardee locked up in his turlet.


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Lasaorda singing the national anthem makes me ashamed to be American.

Di-di-di dinosaurs. Rompin' stompin' dinosaurs. Chef Boyardeeeeeeee. Dinosaurs!

I think in cases like this (i.e. National Anthem being sung by people who can't sing), perhaps we should use the Canadian anthem but replace "Canada" with "USA". Lord knows their anthem is far easier to sing than ours...

Ed, btw finally listened to your NYY song. It kicked ass!

Thanks, UU! I wanted the Yankees tune to be as over-the-top evil as possible and I think I got that. You should see the track count in the session file for that one...

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