Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, the water is in puddingstone so it's cold as hell.

  • CAN CC Sabathia win his 7th straight start while the Sox and Rays continue beating each other up? LEMME HEAR YA SAY FELIX DUBROOOOOOONT!

  • WHAT will you bid on at the Rangers' bankruptcy auction? I'm hoping they dust off the ol' rubberband ball that is actually made up of Dean Palmer's tendons. And yes, this Chapter 11 thing is still dragging on in Texas.

  • WHAT will you drink on a hot day in San Francisco now that they've banned all sweetened soft drinks? BEEEEEEEEEER. Easiest Tonight's Question ever. I should be the Surgeon General.

  • CAN the Reds stay on top in the Central with another win again the Mets? Gotta do it against Johan.

  • WHAT about Detroit? They've got it easier against Baltimore, but their lead over Minny is slimmer. Speaking of which, they play the Blue Jays who lit up starter Carl Pavano in their last meeting back in May.
Go goodly and stuff. See you Foomorrow. Same WoW Channel.

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    Weed is cool but Pepsi needs to be banned. Only in San Fran

    For the record I don't think marijuana should be illegal

    They tax sweetened drinks in Philadelphia, in an effort to discourage people from buying them. You know, because it was such a great deterrent with with cigarettes and booze.

    Speaking of booze, I'll be at the Phillies game tonight. I only attend games when the chances of heat stroke are 85% or better. Tonight's victim: CHIPPER. It's hot on that corner, y'all.

    With any luck, Omar Infante will come down with the vapors.

    Ah yes, nothing better than compensating for your failure to govern with fiscal responsibility with a regressive tax, then claiming it is for the common good.

    Whoa, politics. How about that CC. He considered a True Yankee yet?

    Agreed, Chief and BC, but I don't care because I gave up soda 6 years ago. Yep, I'm a smug San Francisco liberal asshole.
    Hands off my beer though.

    They were threatening to do that in the entire state of New York. It didn't happen, though... mainly because New Yorkers, having been driven to severe cynicism, saw it as nothing more than a cash grab by a desperate state government.

    On a much lighter note: I LIKE BASEBALL

    There was an interesting story on the news tonight about MA considering adding the 5 cent deposit to water bottles (which you currently get no deposit for). Collection stations are claiming that they're going out of business because the deposit amount (of which they get 2.5 cents) hasn't gone up in 20 years, but their operating costs have risen with inflation.

    BUT the water manufacturers claim that this is, as Chief put it, a regressive tax because for every bottle that isn't returned, the state gets the whole 5 cents.

    I guess I'd be down with the deposit on water bottle so they'd be more likely to get recycled, but really I'd just like to see people stop drinking bottled water.


    Raypril, when there really is something in the water.

    I think raypril is a horrible name. It sounds like the Rays are supporting april as national rape month or something. You know, something they might wanna distance themselves from...

    If I read the new SF policy correctly, it's not a tax, regressive or otherwise. It's a ban on pop in vending machines located on city managed property. If you buy your pop from a vending machine you're already paying a nice little mark-up to the vending machine company. That's why it's $1 for a can of Coke there instead of the $.75 at the bodega or even less per can if you buy a case. Speaking of bodegas, your municipality probably already has a higher tax rate and special rules about selling alcohol (for instance, Chicago won't let me buy booze until after 11 on Sunday), not to mention that vending machines in all likelihood don't offer beer on your city's property. And I never saw those from stopping you, alkie.

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