Tonight's Questions

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We're just one month away from the #HEIST, so I hope everyone has booked their hotel rooms and entered the contact information for all the Pittsburgh area hospitals and jails into their cellphones. If you decide, on a whim, between now and August 7th that you've changed your mind and want to join us for the Pirates-Rockies game at PNC Park, email me and I'll put you on our waiting list.

See you tomorrow, same WoW channel.

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ESPN will show the Reds/Mets game unless there is some breaking Lebron news or Favre deciedes to unretire again

Ugh. Looking unlikely that I will make the heist. If I bail it's the second year in a row.

Ask yourself this, though. Matt T and I are both portly bearded fellows. Have you ever seen us both in the same place? Perhaps that's what keeps me from the heists.

That Nick Lowe song was the inspiration for the TV show "Two And A Half Men."

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