Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, oil me.

  • WILL the Phillies have better luck against first place Cincinnati than they did against the first place Braves?

  • WHO takes rubber in the Twins/Jays series?

  • WHAT does Rob do during all these late west coast Yankee games? I'm not even allowed to call him after 8. They're in Seattle through Saturday.

  • WHAT are you doing for the All-Star Game? WRONG ANSWER. You're going to spend it with Rob, myself and a whole cavalcade of guests as we host our first ever Walkoff Walk Tuesday Evening All-Star Game Glogcastâ„¢. It's gonna be like one of those old Tonight Show episodes or a Dean Martin Roast. We'll watch the game, make jokes as they happen and have lots of friends call in that are much funnier than us. It's gonna be a special, special night. Okay, maybe only one special. But still, be there. We'll let you know the guests on Monday.

Que sera, y'all. Just let it happen. See you tomorrow. Same WoW channel. You too, Zangief.

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Zangief rules.

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