Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I'm not ever sure where you are.

  • REMEMBER when the Rangers had the best home record in the AL? Well now, it belongs to the Tigers and they're hosting Texas.

  • WILL Boston's 10 game road trip (starting tonight in Oakland) spell the end for their shaky season?

  • CAN the Dodgers end their 4 game losing streak with a win against Madison Bumgarner and their hated rivals from San Fran. BUUUUUUMGAAAAAARNEEEERRRR!!!

  • CAN the Reds hold onto their slimmest of division leads whilst in Washington? Second place Cards are in Philly this week.

  • IF you made money selling cruises to people would you lead off this week's episode of Cruise Planners News with a story of some woman getting killed by a stray bullet on a Carnival ship? No you wouldn't. Cause you don't have the guts that our man Paul up there does. Nothing gets in the way of a story. Okay, so I'm a little obsessed.

That's all for today. We'll probably be back tomorrow. That's kinda the way it's gone for like two and a half years now. Same WoW channel.

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The Cards are actually in first place right now.

I like how he lumps "slips and falls" in with shootings. Fucking terrible story, the person killed was a 14-year old girl.

"WILL Boston's 10 game road trip (starting tonight in Oakland) spell the end for their shaky season?"

let's hope so.

/crosses fingers
//lights prayer candle
///sacrifices chicken
////eats chicken

Also, The Cards are playing at home this series.


I mean that Hertz is raising certain fees.

Holy crap Catshirt, it's called Check it out sometime.

When did Michael Rappaport shave his head and start hawking Caribbean travel?

It's the rare at-larger murderer who is called a gentleman.

Hey... there's a standings widget over there------------> You might want to check it out once in a while.

(Yeah, yeah, I know; it's only .5 a game, but to us Cardinals fans it's important.)

That "island" over Paul A. Belletiere's left shoulder is actually a composite of kidney stones shot overboard by the hundreds of gout-ridden passengers enjoying last year's Rick Dempsey cruise.

We will never forget "See you. Baseball fans. On the cruise."

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