Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, today we are all Frempkins.

Goodnight. I'm gonna go jam in my neighbor's kitchen. He has drums in there. Same WoW channel.

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I absolutely love Kruk's dance at the end of that Denny's video. Priceless.

I think a Denny's makes me less likely to eat at a Denny's.

The juggernaut that is the Indians is off tonight, causing the rest of the AL Central to breathe a sigh of relief.

D'oh! The competition is still trembling!

Lincecum/Kershaw will pitch the first 7 innings in 45 minutes. The game will slow to Molina speed afterward.

Kris, I suggest you try lychees at your neighbor's house. They have a natural tangy flavor which can be off-set by the extra sugar you add before bottling up the preserves. Plus, exotic fruits are totally in this year.

Farthammer, I gotta tell you... I took your advice! That lychee was truly breathtaking! Never before have I tasted something that so naturally lent itself to the preserving process! I even snuck in a little blackstrap molasses because I was feeling sassy.


Unbelievably fucked up Dodgers/Giants game. You did a heck of a job, Bochy!

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