Walkoff Walk Tuesday Evening All-Star Game Glogcast™

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So tomorrow night is the All-Star game. Remember two summers ago I had to glog it in two parts because we crashed the server during that 5 hour game. This year we're taking all the typing out of it as Rob and I host the first ever Walkoff Walk Tuesday Evening All-Star Game Glogcast™. Along with fellow WoWies DMac, Drew and Justin we'll also be hosting a cavalcade of friends while we watch the game live. It'll be by turns funny, sad, boring and tipsy. Hopefully not too much boring. Just put us on in the corner of the room. You know we'll be better than Buck and McCarver.

Scheduled to appear:

Join us! We'll drop the link on you in the morning. It'll be a fiiiiiine time.

Tonight is the Home Run Derby. So uh... enjoy that. We'll give a prize to anyone in this comment section who can correctly guess the first Southern California city (besides Anaheim) that cloying landmonster Chris Berman namedrops during the telecast. Good luck! See you tomorrow. Same WoW channel.

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"He hit that one all the way to Yorba Linda!"

"La Habra, you habra home run coming your way!"

Forget it, Jake. It's all the way to Chinatown.

"That one's on a boxcar to Oxnard!"

"It's on the red eye to Van Nuys."

"Look out U2, he almost chopped down the Joshua Tree with that one!"

East LA when Ortiz, Cabrera or Ramirez hit one.
Compton when Young or Wells hit one
Burbank when Holiday hits one
He will make a Beverly Hillbilly reference whenever Hart or Swisher hit one.

Is that one outta here? You can Burbank on it!

That ball was hit harder than Reginald Denny


"That one just went out of the yard.... at the Federal Correctional Institution in Lompoc!"

"San Dimas High football rules!"

That ball is higher that glacoma patients

The Night Chris Berman Loses His Mind...Again:

"This one's headed for Las Vegas!"
"Uhh, the ball's not traveling in the right direction for t-"
"Shut up! Shut the fuck up! IT'S HEADED FOR LAS FUCKING VEGAS!"

That one's Straight into Compton!

That's got enough wood for Inglewood.

Like most white kids that grew up in the suburbs during the 80's and 90's, most of my knowledge of L.A. comes from rap songs.

BCTF: You're in luck, as you will obviously be hearing Tupac and Dre's "California Love" 150,000 times tonight.

I'd almost expect Berman to mess up one of his rap references and give us "It will take a nation of millions to hold that one back!"

If Berman makes a rap reference it will undoubtedly be Vanilla Ice, Snow or - most fittingly - 3rd Bass.

That ball just checked out of the Hotel California!

The fellas at Pitchers and Poets are going to liveglog the derby. I'm gonna join em as soon as I finish the chicken fried steak and collards I just made.

Holy shit Berman just said David Ortiz leads the league in smiles.

The Gold Ball is a fucking fraud.

Arod leads the league in both giving and receiving dirty Sanchez's

Gold Bond on my balls, however, is the truth.

Corey Hart's swing must have gotten stuck on the 405, 'cuz it never showed up for round 2!

H8U Berman

Wait, is MDT really going on Jeopardy before I make the show? I'll be fucking pissed.

He made it. If it makes you feel any better, I didn't make it either, Farthammer. Yes, the previous sentence was an awesome one.

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