Wearing Lebron Heat Jerseys Illegal At Indians Games

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chief.wahoo.disgusted.gif Big news from Cleveland! No, they didn't trade away another amazing pitcher; they only have average-to-good ones left.

What actually happened was: A fan (sadly, not our own Rob Iracane) wearing a Miami Heat Lebron James jersey was escorted from the stands after taunting Indians fans. A little confusing, but, eh, okay. When I was in Chicago plenty of Cubs fans were making Stanley Cup taunts, which I responded to with, "What the hell is the Stanley Cup?"

Anyway! FanHouse reports: "When police arrived to escort the fan out of the stands, the crowd cheered. Several Indians fans threw verbal barbs at the fan and his girlfriend, others threw a more liquid form of insult." The article doesn't contain any info regarding what the dude did to be ejected other than being obnoxious and wearing a Miami Heat jersey.

Obviously, this isn't much of a story, and the fan might've been vomiting on suburban police officers or whatever first. Or maybe the cops just moved him to another section. But maybe not. And aren't you allowed to root -- even annoyingly -- for the other team when at a baseball game? (Or, in this case, root for a basketball team who just signed a star player from a different basketball team at a baseball game.)

Plenty of people attend games as a fan of the opposing teams, act loud and obnoxious and then are shocked -- shocked! -- when they get punched or have a beer tossed at them. (At $7 each, the beer thing is kinda shocking.) Then they go home, say, "Ahh, [team] fans are the worst, look what happened to me," when in reality they brought it on themselves. That doesn't mean it's right to punch obnoxious opposing team's fans, but I understand why it happens.

Crowdsourcing is a pretty horrible trend, but not when you have a harem of talented commenters like we have here at Walkoff Walk. So I wonder: Have you ever seen fans ejected just for being a loud fan of the other team? (Not that it's what happened here, but it has to have happened, right.) And, actually, going to an Indians game and having to hear taunts about Lebron the whole game would be incredibly obnoxious. What's the worst fan you have ever sat next to? And, obviously, alcohol is involved. Isn't ending beer sales after the seventh inning just one of those stupid fake "fixes" for the problem that just make us feel better and the company maybe not quite so legally liable but doesn't actually do anything? Comment, or don't.

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This calls for a HEIST social experiment. We'll have to draw straws to see who will be the control (stay dry).

I saw a fight break out about 30 feet in front of me at a minor league hockey game a few years ago. A drunk home team fan tried to attack a half-dozen people wearing the opponent's jersey (Loud and visible? Sure. Obnoxious? I didn't think so). It did not end well for the instigator...

You would have to have a significant ammount of home team fans to make that work. I don't think that will be the case at PNC


Will George Thorogood fans be an acceptable replacement?

If you wear a Stevie Ray Vaughan shirt and talk shit

Sat in front of a couple of Yankees fans in the 600 level of the Vet on Labor Day in 97. They were awful at first, but then Schilling threw 16 Ks, and Irabu left after the 5th and broke that sprinkler with a chair in the clubhouse.

Good game!

Nobody will read this, but here goes:
7 of my bros and I have nosebleed season tix to the Iggles. Three years ago, the Cowboys came to town for a Sunday nighter and absolutely demolished the birds. Before the game we spent about 6 hours getting blazingly drunk. As we were walking in to the stadium we mocked some joker who was wearing a Mets hat and an Aikman jersey. Fast forward twenty minutes, and who comes walking up to our section, and proceeds to climb up to row 26, and heads halfway down our row, assuming the seat next to me? Mark Chmura! No, it waxsthe scrawny dude with the Mets/Aikman combo platter.

Anyway, I'm not a meathead, so I told this dude to act respectful and nobody would mess with him. He thanked me for my advice, then proceeded to whoop and holler for his 'boys at every turn. Midway through the 1st quarter, as the Cowboys went up 21-0, this dude wore out his welcome. One of my pals walked over to him, ripped the Mets hat off of his head, AND THREW IT OVER THE WALL BEHIND US, OUT OF THE STADIUM. the kid sat there dumbfounded as everyone pointed and chanted Asshole in his direction. Security came up to see what the commotion was all about, saw one hatless dude with stars on his shoulders, and promptly escorted him out. Poor guy, he paid $100 to see 10 minutes of a football game AND lose his hat.

I read it. Would read again and recommend to friends.

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