Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, you can't drink thick porridge if you want to keep your mustache clean

That'll jusssssst about wrap up a quiet week here at Walkoff Walk. But fear not: I'm going on vacation again next week and have once again asked Dan McQuade to guest edit Walkoff Walk in my absence. He kindly agreed and plans to melt your face off with kitties on the field, poignant John Kruk anecdotes, and assorted drug references that I'd never get in the first place.

See you Monday, same WoW channel. Well, not me, I'll be somewhere way off the AT&T 3G maps.

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Rob is vacationing in an elevator

Is McQuade poaching the links I post in the comments and not giving me credit? Tsk tsk

It's too late to turn back here we go! Portland? Oh, no.


Screw the treadmill shrimp, this is a better video for the namesake of this website. Whenever a team wins by walkoff walk, this video should be played. It should, however, be edited so that the fielder picks up the cat, puts it in his glove, and proceeds to toss it back into the infield.

Flawless victory.

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