Your First Place White Sox Are The Story Of The First Half

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Fozzie peace

Who's that team leading the AL Central going into the All-Star break? Why, it's the Chicago White Sox, taking a vacation right in the middle of an 8 game winning streak. That tear is only their second longest of the season. Looks like best buddies and baseball GENIUSES Ozzie and Kenny knew what they were doing the whole time.

Chicago entered June 8.5 games out, and things were so bad GM Williams had already branded the team as sellers in the trade market. Since then they've gone 27-10, including 9 out of 10 in July. This, kids, is a turnaround. April and May are distant nightmares, like Morning Cup Of Joe.

With the season ending injury to Jake Peavy last week, Chicago is said to be looking to add an arm. Rumors have them interested in Roy Oswalt, but it's been said that Oswalt isn't interested in them. Can't blame him for not wanting to look even more washed up by switching to the AL. Unless the Rangers tank over the next couple weeks and need to dump Cliff Lee, look for the White Sox to hold pretty true to their current rotation. Despite any hysterical pleas for change.

For another summer, Chicago belongs to the White Sox. FIRE LOU PINIELLA.

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I'd like to think that story 1A is the tale of the San Diego Padres, owners of the fourth best record in all the land. Then again, at least the White Sox have a realistic shot at making the playoffs.

The Padres are a good story but have been near the top for the whole season. The White Sox basically spotted the rest of the division a 9 game lead after the first two months.

I'm sure the White Sox will keep playing at a .730 clip. Certain of it.

They don't have to play at .730 clip any more than anyone else in that division now.

I am back to hating the White Sox more than the Tigers. All is right in the universe

I've always HATED the White Sox more. The Twins have just been more active in pissing me off for the past 18 months.

Atlanta had a similar turnaround, (though not nearly as drastic)
but a 9 game losing streak and 6 games under .500 to the best record in the NL.


Gardenhire will lead the Twins to the Promised Land and then promptly get swept by the Yankees and that dago ump.

Speaking of the Twins, Yankees and dagos. I think Pavano having 10 wins at the break is the story of the first half. I credit the mustache.

Didn't Carl win 15 last year between Cleveland and Minny? Pretty sure he was 14-0 with a 0.53 ERA against the Tigers at the very least.

Let's not forget his 9 wins during 3 seasons in NY.

/hate you Carl Pavano

But the Padres were universally picked last in the division, and likely to have one of the worst records in baseball. Weren't the Sox picked in various places throughout the top 3 in the division?

And, yes, they probably won't keep it up in the 2nd half.

I knew they'd come good in the end, they're just having fun. If anything I'm happy I don't have to listen to Hawk moaning for three hours straight anymore

The best is when the White Sox are really stinko and Hawk just spends three hours in sulking silence.

But what of Matt Thornton??? WHAT OF HIM???

Nice link to the very post we're reading, Paradoxshirt.

Pavano is third in the AL in innings pitched behind Felix and CC. Both of whom have started one more game than him. He is also third in WHIP and sixth in K/BB. Basically what I am saying is that he has kicked ass this year. And.... I picked him up in the 19th round of the WOW FBB draft. NBD.

BCTF, now I hate Pavano more than I already did.

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