Braves Bag Broken-Backed Bat Big on Bobby, Lee Leaves Loop

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The NL East-leading Atlanta Braves, lacking a strong presence at first base since Troy Glaus decided to return back down to earth and stop hitting sometime around July, are on the verge of acquiring veteran first baseman Derrek Lee from the Cubs in a trade, so sayeth USA Today's Bob Nightengale.

Lee, a former Gold Glove winner, has hit for some power this season but has been on the verge of the creampuff list of late. He has a bulging disk in his back (ouch!) and received an epidural shot just this week, after which he missed three straight games. Sounds like one of his kids stepped on a crack, amirite?

Lee has said that he always wanted to play under Bobby Cox, and, with the Braves skipper retiring at the end of this season, it's his last chance. It's all of our last chances, actually, so if any of you want a chance to play under Bobby Cox, give Frank Wren a phone call ASAP. Otherwise you'll be stuck playing croquet on the front lawn of Shady Acres Retirement Home with Bobby next year.

Glaus will either ride the pine or hit the DL, and not move back to third base to take over for an injured Chipper Jones. Fella's knees just won't allow it. Plus Martin Prado and Omar Infante are All Stars, so there.

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No one will ever accuse Frank Bird of resting on lil bird legs

So Derek Lee had an epidural? Was it really a good idea for the Braves to trade for a guy who's almost fully dilated?

Q: What do Derrek Lee and my wife have in common?
A: They're both giving birth on Friday


Plus Martin Prado and Omar Infante are All Stars

Haha, that's rich. Iracane brought the funny today.

It's only been 2 weeks since our last crazy Frank Wren trade. And congrats on your baby.


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