Cardinals and Reds Forget About Baseball, Face Music, Dance

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Did any Reds player think that the Cardinals would simply let Brandon Phillips taunting words go unchallenged? Nay! The Cards are not "little bitches", especially not catcher Yadier Molina. When Phillips strode to the plate last night and gave Molina a gentle tap on the shinguards with his maple bat, Molina exploded and ignited a bench-clearing brawl:

Hurry up and watch this illegally-posted video before it gets the hook.

The best part: only Tony LaRussa and Dusty Baker got ejected! That doesn't preclude a bevy of suspensions from the big boys in Herr Selig's office, especially for Reds starting pitcher Johnny Cueto, seen above karate-kicking anyone and everyone in his way. That includes Cards starter Chris Carpenter, who is pressed up against the backstop and seemingly in danger of getting bent over backwards and snapped in half.

Although we all love watching crazy brawls like this, the real heroes are the players who try and make peace. In this case, former Cardinal and current Redleg Scott Rolen does his best to pull bodies apart and talk some sense into his teammates. Alas, he didn't do enough because the fight just kept on going. Lucky that Joey Votto finally pulled Cueto out of the pile, or else the Cardinals would be a veritable MASH unit of karate-kick-induced injuries.

Interestingly, yesterday's big brawl coincided with the debut of #HEIST attendee and master musician Ed Klingenberger's "St. Louis" song, part of his 30 Clubs in 30 Songs series that we've been enjoying so much. It's a slow, twangy tune about Tony LaRussa's angry manager face and it's my favorite of the series so far. Write another verse, Ed!

Listen to Ed's St. Louis song

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I want to go to the socialist book exchange with Scott Rolen

Nice mosh pit a couple minutes in. They should have played Blood and Thunder over the PA.

Also I liked the PS3 gamertags popping up in the corner.

Most Reds fans were wondering where Chris Sabo was.

Now I'm really confused. How do you save and record video that was playing on a PS3???

Also, Hawk Harrelson approves of the following statement:
"This is all Molina. And I know I'm the Reds announcer, but I can tell ya, the whole thing was sparked by the catcher by saying something to Brandon Phillips."

I have to agree with Matt. That's a mighty fine mosh pit there.

Rob, this song just might get the "extended version" treatment outside of the project's confines. If/when it happens, I'll be sure to let you know.

"tap on the shinguards with his maple bat, Molina exploded

If he would have used an Ash bat we wouldn't have had this problem. Ash bats don't cause people to exploded like maple bats do.

My blog got a noticeable traffic spike today and last night. Thanks, Rob! And especially thank you, Angry Cardinals, for making me look like a genius.

Nice breakdown of the fight by Harold Reynolds last night on MLBnetwork.

I think he was watching the game on for the ps3? maybe?

Rolen is everyone else's dad.

From the post title I was hoping for a dance-off to Lady Gaga.


Ok, that makes sense. But how did he actually record it? And then transfer it to his computer in order to upload? I MUST KNOW

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