Chris Sabo's Broken Ankle Somehow Relevant to Stephen Strasburg

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Good thing Rob Dibble has been doing tons of sweaty Bikram Yoga of late. Dummy needs to be super-flexible to allow his leg to swing so far upwards and insert his big dumb foot into his big fat mouth. "Doctor" Dibble now claims that Nats phenom pitcher Stephen Strasburg's latest injury is merely a flesh wound and that Strassy's just a total sissy for not pitching through the pain.

After all, Dibble's teammates and Dibble himself have played through pain in their lives, why can't the kids these days do the same? Courtesy of the Bog's Dan Steinberg, the master of the Dibble transcription, here's just a tiny sampling of Rob Dibble's seemingly bottomless idiocy from yesterday's First Pitch show on MLB Network Radio (XM channel 175):

"I mean, excuse me. There's guys I played with that had screws holding their elbows together. Chris Sabo played two weeks on a broken ankle. I put a steel plate in my wrist so I could be back in five weeks instead of three months. So, this is your choice. You can either suck it up and be a man at 22 making $2 million a year [with] a $15 million contract, or every time you get an ache and pain you can go out of the game and say I'm gonna let down the other 24 guys right here and possibly end up forfeiting the game."

"What Mike Rizzo and Jim Riggleman do, that's totally different," Dibble said. "They have to think of the long-term ramifications of what they're doing right now with this kid's career. As far as this kid? Stop crying, go out there and pitch. Period."

You hear that, Stephen Strasburg? Rob Dibble wants you to stop crying and wincing in pain! Be more like Chris Sabo: play through injury but wear dorky protective goggles while doing so, I guess.

But for every "tough" guy who played through pain and succeeded, there are those who have had their careers stunted or halted by the mishandling of injuries. For every dopey Rob Dibble there is a sadsack Mark Prior. Just because Dibble (who never pitched more than 100 innings in a season and survived only half a season after age 30) was "successful" doesn't justify his idiotic behavior. Dibble's mistakes could have led to his own early retirement. So why does he encourage younger players to make behave in such a dangerous manner?

Steinz has so, so much more of Dibble's nonsensical remarks at the Bog. Do pop in for a visit. Just make sure you don't cry or wince in pain or Dibble will call you a mary.

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So Dibble wants management to protect Strasburg but he doesn't want Strasburg to protect himself. Two things, sir:
1) Make up your mind
2) Fuck off

Dibble was a nasty boy, one of the toughest if not the toughest player to ever play the game. He once killed a bear with a butter knife! I'm surprised Dr. Dibble didn't tell Strasburg to "take off the skirt and pitch."

I'm not really sure the first item in that list is necessary, Ed.

(who never pitched more than 100 innings in a season and survived only half a season after age 30)

That ends the discussion, right? Like, closes the book and everything?


I fear that the increased attention put upon the tarded-up ramblings of Rob Dibble, will only serve to make his Asperger's-fueled star shine brighter.

You know what, max? You're right. Dibble shouldn't worry about making up his mind. But item two still counts, and it would be great if he took Hawk Harrelson with him as well.

Dibble is obviously right since he is still playing through an injury.

The injury of having NO BRAIN

Rob Dibble thinks that Dave Dravecky retired too early.

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