Cubs Force Nut-Averse Kiddies to Watch Team Lose to Pirates

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As far as I can tell, the only real food allergy that I have is a mild case of lactose intolerance. No problem, though, I just need to take a pill before I devour a vanilla cone so I don't get a case of gas wicked enough to clear out the entire ice cream parlor. I'd be one sad tomato if I was born with the curse of peanut allergies, forced to spend my life avoiding Reeses Pieces and carrying epinephrine pens around with utmost vigilance.

Which is why I sympathize with young Cubs fans who cannot attend baseball games because their peanut allergies are so acute. Lucky for them, the Cubs are trying to change things up at Wrigley:

John Rudnicki is getting a special present for his eighth birthday: a trip to Wrigley Field for a Chicago Cubs game, complete with a seat in a skybox, hot dogs, lemonade ... and no peanuts. The Wilmette boy is so severely allergic to the nuts that he's been to Wrigley only once before, despite being a hard-core Cubs fan.

But on Monday, the Cubs for the first time are setting aside a skybox for fans in which peanuts won't be served or allowed.

For those with severe, life-threatening peanut allergies such as John, the news is as welcome as an Aramis Ramirez home run or a Carlos Marmol late-inning strikeout.

And, unfortunately, as rare.

Also unfortunate: this one, singular game that the Cubs have graciously set aside the nut-free box is a Monday night tilt against the lowly Pirates. Despite having the worst record in baseball, the Bucs are one of several teams the Cubs have struggled to beat in 2010, winning just three of twelve head-to-head contests. And after the dust settles (joke intended), I wouldn't be surprised to learn that a game between these two NL Central basement dwellers makes these kids allergic to baseball.

(photo stolen from Goruck Summer)

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George Washington Carver is rolling over in his grave.

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