Dodgers Fans Anxious to Separate Team From Feuding Jerk Owners

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Dodgers owners Frank and Jaime McCourt hate each other with the fire of a thousand If only the McCourt divorce proceedings could go as smoothly as the Tiger Woods separation! But no, Frank had to go and forge documents that implied that in the case of a split, he'd retain ownership of the Dodgers and Jaime would retain ownership of her self-aggrandizing attitude. Jaime demanded that the document be thrown out and have the team considered partially hers, too.

Meanwhile, the team that has successfully made the playoffs for two years running sits in fourth place, a whopping twelve games behind the division-leading Padres. The McCourts made some deadline deals to shore up the starting rotation and bench but, in the end, they're nothing more than an aging .500 team with a crusty old manager teetering towards retirement. The trial to determine ownership of the team starts next Monday and will, undoubtedly, keep stunting the franchise's growth until the dust settles sometime around spring training in 2015.

So Dodgers fans have gotten together and done what every like-minded group of activists in America have done since time immemorial: started a website, sold some t-shirts, and put up a nifty roadside banner! Via the sassy real estate folk at Curbed LA comes this photographic evidence of the banner taken in Topanga which reads "Dodgers Fans Want a Divorce NOW!":


Cute, but that's thirty to forty miles away from Dodger Stadium. I think those folks need to raise some more sheckels and buy themselves a huge billboard on the 101 leading into Chavez Ravine. Economies of scale, people! Go buy some t-shirts!

(we owe a case of Cherry Coke to #HEIST attendee The Starter Wife)

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That banner is in Topanga?
I'm guessing Corey Matthews is behind it

I knew someone would make a "Boy Meets World" reference after I read I read "Topanga." Nice work Matt.

scratch that second "I read"

Shouldn't it be "sellthedodgers"? "SellDodgers" sounds like somebody dodging a sale, which is precisely what the McCourts are doing.

Isn't this something Dr. Phil could fix?
And by fix I mean do the sell. I'd believe him more as a real estate agent than a 'doctor.'

Someone should call in Dodgers Without Borders.

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