Don't Lose Touch With Reality, Rangers Fans

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Because Reuters and their crack team of Tell It Like It Is headline writers are on the case. So what if you've got baseball's largest division lead by a mile? Take a good hard look in the mirror and see what your team truly is. BANKRUPT AND LED BY A HAS BEEN. Thanks a lot, Reuters. Like it isn't hard enough living in Texas in the summer.

And if you haven't read the article (it's just a screencap, quit trying to fold it over to read the rest), bankruptcy court proposed allowing (then rejected) the Nolan Ryan Prospective Ownership Group Express to make a new bid on the team. The move would have canceled the impending auction for the club. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is planning to take a break from being the human equivalent of an ignored car alarm on a busy street and make a bid for the team. Most importantly, stonewalling the auction would have prevented me from bidding on Oddibe McDowell's Pez dispenser collection. It is now scheduled for Wednesday. Phew.

Even with sensational storylines like A-Rod filing objections to the bankruptcy, all of this amounts to nothing more than billable hours for the lawyers. Baseball is going to see to it that Nolan Ryan's boys own this team, barring God himself making a bid. And even then MLB would try to bury Him in the courts.

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If that's what the Rangers are, I don't even want to KNOW what I am.

So beautiful to me.

Reuters: Pissing In Your Cheerios Since 1972

I thought the way Reuters' piece ends is a little melodramatic for a bankruptcy court melodrama:

"Our own correspondent is sorry to tell of an uneasy time, that all is not well. On the borders there's movement. In the hills there is trouble. Food is short. Crime is double. A rise-up in prison as the government fell. Casualties increase as the enemy shells. The climate's unhealthy, flies and rats thrive. And sooner or later, the end will arrive."

Not sure why Bud Selig doesn't use his unilateral powers and just appoint the best possible owner for the team.

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