Doofus Celebrates Slow News Day By Dancing Poorly At Dodgers Game

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According to the video title this is how "Americans" dance at baseball games. Unlike the ones in Spain who do it with roses in their mouth or the ones in Italy that do it in handcuffs.

Send this to anyone you know that went to Harvard.

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It's like seeing into my own future. #HEIST

I'll take "People Just Having a Good Time and Successfully Making People Laugh" for $400, Alex.

I'll take "You're Just Saying That Because You Also Dance Like An Embarassing Uncle" for $600.

Fuck that, man. I got moves. You would've remembered at any of our gatherings if you weren't Billy Martin-drunk.

I sure hope someone found that guy's off switch.

That's "Rental Man". If you go to enough sporting events in LA you will see him. Usually he wears a costume like a superhero costume with a cape, giant Mickey Mouse gloves and the name of his employer emblazoned on it. Yes, he gets paid to dance like a fool. I don't know why he isn't wearing a costume in this video- that's the first time I've seen him without it.

I have season tickets to LA Kings games and we see him at Staples all of the time dancing during the breaks.

Do a YouTube search under "Rental Man." You'll see a bunch of video of him.

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