Dusty Baker Caught on Video Dancing the Riverdance

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While Tony La Russa is busy restoring honor with the Tea Party idiots and his team is dropping five of seven to the lowly Pirates and Nationals, FIRST PLACE REDS manager Dusty Baker is a dancing fool in the Reds dugout.1

Dusty Baker. Riverdance. Live it, love it, catch that Reds fever. He's good, but he's no Riverdance Kitteh.

This was great, but I need more more more! People of MLB Network, I implore you: please provide us with maximum Dusty coverage this September/October!

1technically this video is from June, but c'mon, you just know Dusty is still kicking up his heels. Five game lead!

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Is Johnnie B. Dusty one of those rare managers who wears proper metal spikes? Because that adds a sexy element of sexy danger to dancing on concrete.

This is almost as funny as that clip of Clint Hurdle teaching everyone how to Dougie.

Ever seen Bo Diaz do the Electric Slide?

@Kris, It's electric. Boogie woogie, woogie!

Y'all should see Bobby chillwave, it's impressive

This is nothing like the time Tom Mees did The Swim.

Bobby Valentine claims he invented the waltz.

Uguetha Urbina is an excellent daggerer.

No player who did the lambada will ever get onto my HOF ballot. IT WAS FORBIDDEN.

Throw a beret on him, and Tony Gwynn's pop and lock routine is reminiscent of a young Fred Berry.

Steve Phillips texted photos of him doing the dick slang to all the female ESPN interns.

Tommy Lasorda excelled at doing The Wop.

Ozzie Guillen does a great Loco-Motion.

I can imitate Vin Scully AND I can do the hully-gully.

Frank Wren learned how to do the Bankhead Bounce on the night that Big Boi threw out the first pitch.

Mariotti has perfected the Pimp Slap

There isn't a single Latino player that knows how to do The Running Man.

Chase Utley does a mean Robot.

You should see Jamie Moyer do the foxtrot.

He actually invented it

Jayson Werth may not know how to *do* the cool jerk, but that doesn't mean he isn't one.

Aubrey Huff loves to work on the Five Knuckle Shuffle when he is on the road

Carlos Beltran loves to do the Freeze.

Right now, at this very moment, there's a dopey kid doing the Cabbage Patch in the middle of a minor league clubhouse.

Mo Vaughn used to do an amazing mashed potato.

Oops, sorry. I meant he used to do disgusting things TO mashed potatoes. He couldn't dance at all.

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