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Rob Dibble, who has been a target of our derision several times around here, is a misogynist. Via Dan Steinberg's D.C. Sports Bog, here's some of Dibble's blathering nonsense from Wednesday night's Nats game:

"Those ladies right behind there, they haven't stopped talking the whole game," Rob Dibble said in the sixth inning of Wednesday night's Nats broadcast. "They have some conversation going on. Right here," he said, circling the offenders. "There must be a sale tomorrow going on here or something....Their husbands are going man, don't bring your wife next time."

Get it? It's funny because women don't like sports, and so when they accidentally wind up at a baseball stadium and deign to open their mouths, they have to be talking about something that women are interested in. Like sales. Probably on clothes or shoes or maybe makeup, though that wasn't specified.

"All right Bob, now they're back there, they're eating ice cream and talking at the same time," Dibble noted in the top of the eighth.

There's more, much more, far too much more at the Bog so head over and get your fill of misogyny. But come back here when you're done. We'll wait.

Dibble committed the sin of rending his opinion of someone without knowing all the facts. Sure, these gals could have been a couple of chatty hausfraus yapping about "Jersey Shore" but they could also have been discussing Adam Dunn's defensive liabilities. Dibble didn't know. He just doesn't like women at the ballpark.

But while that auditory nonsense is offensive enough to warrant censure from womens groups everywhere, it's his inability to actually speak intelligently about baseball that is why folks want him off the Nats broadcasts. Dan Steinberg knows that Rob Dibble has no grasp of the strike zone. GQ Magazine rated Dibs as one of the five worst broadcasters in the sport. And Chris Needham of Capitol Punishment knew the score back in April when he FJM'ed a horribly "written" blogpost by Dibs.

Rob Dibble is both aggressive and stupid, a bad combination for someone whose job description includes educating the viewer about the sport. He's arrogant and seemingly proud of his ignorance when it comes to statistical analysis. Dibble's disdain for stats is evident every time he praises a team for succeeding due to "chemistry". He's an "old school" guy without the charm; he's a homer without a successful team to cheerlead.

Lucky for me, the only time I am exposed to Dibble's hardheadedness is when the MLB Network cuts into a MASN broadcast. For my friends in the DMV, though, who just want to watch Stephen Strasburg light up the night on their teevees, the mute button must be their only source of comfort.

UPDATE: Even Orioles bloggers are shaming Rob Dibble.

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He looks like someones drunk uncle at a graduation party in that picture.

Hey let's put a guy known for his temper and being a shit head in the booth! that'll work!

Quibble over dabble of babble makes Dibble wobble on bubble

Women be shoppin".

The Mottrams' Dibble Drinking Game is the only reason to keep him on the air:

I don't know how exactly, but that photo of Rob Dibble just touched me in the bad place.

I am a die hard Nats fan living in San Francisco. I catch as many Nats games on as I can. And yes, Rob Drivel must go. Bring back Tom Paciorek. It seems Drivel is universally despised as a commentator. I don't get why he keeps coming back.

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