Former Giants Exec To Run Small VT Town; Eight Moose DFA'd

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We've all been there. Vacationing in an idyllic locale with your sweetheart. Over a hearty breakfast on your last day, you decide you don't want to go back to Hometown X... you want to stay and become town manager! Well how many of us actually follow through? Former Giants Assistant GM Ralph Nelson is the only one I know of.

The town of St. Johnsbury has hired a former Major League Baseball executive as its interim town manager.

The Caledonian Record says Ralph Nelson decided to apply for the vacant position because he was vacationing in the area and he was bored with retirement.

The previous manager quit last month after less than three months on the job.

Nelson and his wife discovered St. Johnsbury a visit to the dog chapel created by the late Stephen Huneck.

If this doesn't have "KELSEY GRAMMER SITCOM" written all over it then pecan crusted chicken doesn't make me hungry. Without even getting near what a "dog chapel" is, it's still pretty interesting to unpack the career of Mr. Nelson. After that Giants gig he became baseball's VP for umpiring and was responsible for consolidating the previously segregated NL and AL umps into a single unit. The whole thing is featured prominently in As They See 'Em, our first (and only) WoW Book Club selection. To wit:

According to Ralph Nelson the problem of reining in the arrogant and independent umpires was on the agenda at the annual general managers' meeting every year during the 1980s. The concern wasn't about their field work, Nelson told me. Complaints from club management, he said, were only minimally about the umpires' calls or their ability to make them rather they were about "image, work ethic, hustle, and most frequently, attitude.

In a 1995 letter to NL President Leonard Coleman, Nelson wrote of the "umpires lack of trust and respect for leadership" and of an exisiting public perception that "the industry lacks control over it's (sic) own umpires."

Hear that St. Johnsbury Fire Department?? Your salad days of union backed golf tournaments and syrup orgies are a thing of the past. Ralph Nelson is here and he's just itching to bust up some complacency.

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Wait until he wakes up and realizes it was all a dream.

It bums me out that Frazier doesn't know the difference between your and you're.

Wait until his wife dies and his brother in law and some terrible Canadian stand up comedian have to move in to help him raise his daughters.

First thing on the agenda: closing down the dog mosque.

So will he eject people from courtrooms for arguing over traffic violations?

Also in the market for an interim town manager: this place .

GAAAAHH DAMMIT GORGE. That was going to be the joke for my closing paragraph, but I forgot half way through writing it. True story.

Not only is my memory bad but hat was going to be the joke for my closing paragraph, but I forgot half way through writing it. True story.

Know where else you can find true stories? In the musical stylings of one Guy Clark.

In a related story, Whitey Herzog liked Cooperstown so much he refused to leave. He's been in the drunk tank for nearly three weeks now.

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